Wellness Services

wellness coaches

Each individual’s path to wellness is different. Our nutrition counseling sessions take a one-on-one look at each part of your life and help you see how the choices in all areas of your life can improve or harm your health. Wellness coaches are here to educate and empower you to make healthy choices, and to provide you with a plan to get you on your path to wellness. We aren’t here to tell you what you “have to do” to be healthy, but rather to create awareness about how you can find your ideal health. We offer one-time or repeat sessions in one-hour or 30 minute increments.

Whether you have a specific goal, such as weight loss, or are just looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, we are happy to help you, regardless of age, gender or health status.

What you can expect:

  • One-on-one support
  • Critical evaluation of current and past health concerns
  • Professional support in a caring and nurturing environment
  • Individualized wellness plan that includes diet changes, supplement recommendations, lifestyle suggestions, meal plans and meals (if desired)

All you need to get started are your health goals and our health history form. While medical results are not required, they can be helpful and may be attached to your health history form. All of our consultations are confidential.

Call the store (570) 322-8280 to inquire about scheduling a consulation with a Freshlife wellness coach.


Nutritional Counseling