Fridge & Freezer

Fridge and Freezer

Our meat, cheese and eggs are all from local suppliers. In addition to supporting local farmers, this gives us the opportunity to know how the animals were raised and what their diet consisted of before the products come to our store. For example, we know our dairy comes from grass-fed cows and our eggs are from free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free chickens.

Our salmon is wild caught, not farm raised and mass produced.

Our local meat, cheese and egg suppliers include:

  • Beaver Run Farms (pork)
  • Green Meadows Dairy (butter and raw cheese)
  • Landis Poultry Farm (eggs, chicken and turkey)
  • Misty Mountain Farm (grass-fed beef)
  • Wild For Salmon (Wild Alaskan salmon)

Call the store (570) 322-8280 to inquire about available products and mail order options.