The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, "People treated with appropriate antibiotics in the early stages of Lyme disease usually recover rapidly and completely."

This statement alone can be misleading.

We have devoted the Freshmail of June to Lyme Disease,  1) Lyme disease Prevention - Tick Removal, and 2) Lyme disease - Early Detection, and now, "Lyme Disease - Ongoing Treatment", to offer assistance, if needed, in a sea of conflicting information.  We do not disagree with the CDC, and medical professionals of all sorts are critical to anyone battling Lyme Disease.

Continuing from the CDC, "In the majority of cases, it (Borrelia burgdorferi) is successfully treated with oral antibiotics.  Physicians sometimes describe patients who have specific symptoms (like fatigue, pain, and joint and muscle aches) after treatment of Lyme disease as having post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS) or post Lyme disease syndrome (PLDS).  The cause of PTLDS is not known."

Moreover, what we as Freshlife can offer, is our collective experience with Lyme disease and knowledge of alternative therapies.  We encourage you, after reading this, to come to Freshlife, and ask to speak to a wellness coach. 



Fatigue, as a symptom, is at best, subjective.  We all know when we feel "tired" yet being able to single out Lyme as the sole source of your fatigue is difficult.  We are not stating that fatigue is not a symptom of Lyme disease or PLDS, our point is that pinpointing the root cause of fatigue is complex thus the solution is also.  This is where working with a Freshlife wellness coach is beneficial.  The options that we might suggest for fatigue (with or without Lyme) are almost too numerous to count. It will take work and patience.  We can help.



There is nothing worse than pain.  Pain related to a broken bone is one thing, pain related to Lyme disease, or PTLDS, with the CDC statetment, "the cause of PTLDS is not known" is a bit more difficult and definitely, like fatigue, vary from individual to individual.  Over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatories and pain relievers are plentiful. These common OTCs are in almost every medicine cabinet in the United States.  Care must be taken to heed the warnings on the packaging.  Freshlife has it's own arsenal of known alternatives to OTCs and if you find yourself reaching for the bottle in the medicine cabinet frequently, it might be worth a drive to Freshlife to speak to one of our wellness coaches.



Some of you might lump joint and muscle aches into the global category of pain.  If you are living with Lyme disease or PTLDS, you might need to think differently.  The amount of websites writing on the subject of Borrelia burgoderferi "living" or "hiding" in our joints is massive.  Again, the Freshlife wellness staff can be your librarian so to speak.  The Freshlife wellness coaches know how to point you in the right direction.

There are more confirmed Lyme disease cases in Pennsylvania than any other state in the country.  From prevention, through early detection, and treatment, the Lyme disease journey can be long and arduous.  

Freshlife, your #1 resource for healthy living, is a place where you can go for answers, filled with people you can trust and a helping hand (with a map) when all other routes you've taken with your health haven't given the results you want or need.

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