Freshlife has always been the region's #1 resource when it comes to natural products that you need for daily living and daily living includes PAIN.  The volume of new and regular customers needing help with pain keeps us continually on the look out for new products and also keeping tabs on those things that have been around for a while.

Nature provides us with two power packed plants that help us with that PAIN -- turmeric root and hemp oil.


We at Freshlife have had turmeric products since the beginning.  

Turmeric's anti-inflammatory abilities make it a natural way to fight acute and chronic PAIN.  Turmeric does not stop there.  The list continues to grow on health conditions that can benefit from the use of this bright orange root.

Hemp extract oil is something new to Freshlife.  It's new  and there's a lot of confusion over what it is and what it does.  

Does it really help with PAIN?

This is where Freshlife stands out in our communtiy as a retailer.  Hemp oil is a "hot item" and is selling like hot-cakes everywhere which means that there are hemp oil producers and retailers jumping on the band wagon without really knowing how it works or why you as a consumer should try it.

Freshlife is your #1 resource for healthy living and a place you know you can go filled with people you trust.






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