It's hard to imagine it's Spring in Central Pennsylvania.

Instead of WARM.  We got COLD. Instead of SHOWERS.  We got SNOW.  Instead of BLUE SKIES.  We got GRAY.

Intead of SPRING?


Instead of Spring we feel like screaming.  We are depressed. Many of us want to hide under the covers.  Some of us are even considering relocation...immediately!

The last thing any of us are thinking about is Spring cleaning.  

What's the point?

It's not Spring yet.

We had to drag out all our warmer clothes again and put all our t-sthirts and flip-flops away.  Our furnaces are still running and we definitely aren't considering opening the windows.

And yet, it's the end of April.



Floors still get dirty.

Counter tops and cabinets still get cluttered.

Furniture still gets dusty.

Cobwebs still appear.


Yet, house cleaning really isn't just a SPRING thing, is it?

Motivation though, with our current weather pattern we seem to be stuck in, is at best, lacking.

What if you could make Spring happen all by yourself?

The lively and light scents of Spring everywhere in your house.

Essential oils are a great way to jumpstart Spring until it gets here, and they can help with your house cleaning too. 

You've probably seen the essential oil cleaning product recipes on Pinterest.  How many hours have magically elapsed leaving you lost in the black hole of confusion?

Maybe you even went to an essential oil product demo only to end up flabbergasted at the cost.

Our well-trained staff are armed with a plethora of suggestions for using essential oils safely and effectively. We are always ready to help you take the guess work out of what to use, how much to use, where to use, and what you need to be careful about when it comes to using essential oils in your home.

We offer you quality materials at everyday, affordable prices.

This week we can also offer you a a FREE DIY essential oil cleaning products demonstration, complete with recipes, instructions, and our friendly faces that you know, willing to share our own special map towards Spring. We won't steer you wrong.



“Seeking health? Freshlife is the place to go for answers you can trust and a plan that works for you. Let us help you be well!”



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