As the ball drops in Times Square at midnight on New Year's Eve many of us make resolutions related to a healthy lifestyle.


If we look back about 6 weeks at the holiday parties and family feasts we attended that began at Thanksgiving, we will probably find an increase in food consumption, and a reduction in exercise. What more do we need to solidify our resolve to keep our resolution(s)?

Clothes a little snug? Brain fog? Feeling a bit sluggish?

We wake up on January 2nd and have to go back to our non-holiday-time life. Suddenly life rushes in with all its demands and our resolutions are pushed aside, our prospects at a healthy lifestyle dwindling.


Freshlife is very familiar with the idea of "healthy lifestyle" and the roadblocks that keep all of us from keeping and attaining such a way of life. Our shelves are filled with a wealth of products that can help you get on the road to health.


Freshlife is not only a natural products retail store, we are a place for you to be heard and your questions to be answered. Freshlife Wellness Services is comprised of trained wellness coaches - people, not products. Our coaches go beyond day-to-day customer service.


Signing up for a FREE 15-minute session to discover how our health coaching services will benefit you is a great way to lay a good foundation, establish baselines, and also help you learn all that Freshlife has to offer.

You can then decide if a paid one-time session or if a complete transformative package of sessions is more beneficial for you.

We also have what some call, "the easiest way to feel better", namely our Freshlife Sunlighten Far-Infrared Sauna. How can this sauna benefit you? It's a perfect way to detox, help with pain relief, aid in weight loss, lower your blood pressure, improve your circulation, and purify your skin. Where else can you relax, do nothing, and get all these benefits so easily?


Freshlife is committed to being your number one resource for healthy living and encouraging you to keep your resolutions.

And we have a great way to support you beginning your new healthy lifestyle journey!

Everytime you buy a 10-Day Complete Cleanse your will receive a voucher for a FREE 20 minute sauna session and in addition, if you like, your free 15-minute wellness consultation with one of our qualified Wellness Coaches.

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