When you walk through the doors of Freshlife, you’ll notice a variety of little glass bottles above our selection of teas in the first aisle. Have you ever wondered “What are those all about?” This is a perfect opportunity to share my love of using herbal extracts daily to boost overall health and vitality, as well as prevent or treat illness. Liquid herbal extracts, or tinctures, are a highly effective form of herbal medicine with several perks over teas or capsules.

Number one: Absorption. A liquid herbal extract is not just absorbed in the intestinal tract but also completely assimilated in the body within 5 minutes of consuming…5 minutes or less…wow! This allows for a much faster response, compared to an average of 45 minutes just to break down capsules or tablets. The immediate absorption of tinctures into the bloodstream takes place sublingually. This is a great way to deliver the benefits of herbal medicine to individuals with compromised digestive systems. If you have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, when using tinctures you never have to worry about that uncomfortable feeling of a pill being stuck in your throat, or tummy. Like a good employee, tinctures clock in on time every time, and get to work right away!

Number two: Potency. Ounce for ounce, tinctures not only have a higher potency than teas or most capsules, but they also contain a broader spectrum of medicinal constituents that are not released with teas or capsules. This is because many medicinal herbal compounds need either alcohol, cold water, or CO2 extraction in order to be released from the whole herb. Mitch Coven, the talented Clinical Herbalist who manufactures Freshlife’s line of tinctures, uses all three processes as needed. He carefully extracts all of those valuable compounds out of the herbs, allowing us to guarantee you the most value out of our tinctures every time!

Number three: Taste. Although avoiding it is the number one reason people tend to opt for capsules, taste is actually one of the little known, big benefits to tinctures. Mother Nature created a remedy for every ailment, and the fact is, the taste is part of the medicine. The bitter flavor of many herbs promotes good digestion, a healthy liver, and works to decrease sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Herbs with spicy flavors help to increase circulation, metabolism, and decrease inflammation. Astringent flavors help to improve absorption, cleanse the mucous membranes, absorb excess fluid in the body, such as excess bleeding, sweating, or diarrhea. Most herbs offer one of these three flavors, but a few are also sour. The sour flavor increases salivation, appetite, and metabolism, and improves liver function. Sweet is an even smaller category. Milk thistle is one of my favorite and most popular herbal tinctures. It is used widely for its benefits to detox and improve the health and functioning of the liver. When used as a tincture, the sweet flavor imparts nourishing, toning and strengthening properties to our tissues and helps to soothe the mind.

Tinctures are fun and easy to blend for multiple benefits. I cannot seem to get enough cayenne and ginger this time of year. I love to add a dropper of each to my morning glass of water, along with a splash of lemon.

Share in our love for herbs this month and take advantage of our “New Year – New Look” sale by trying out some new herbs or some old favorites. Buy any Freshlife brand herbal tincture or capsule with our former Freshlife label and get one of equal or lesser value for 50% off for the whole month of January, while supplies last. Get yours before they’re gone!

However you tincture, don’t forget to do so with the best medicine of all…love.

Kim Watne
Freshlife Wellness Coach

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