If you spend any amount of time watching television, "surfing" the internet, scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds, or even reading a magazine or newspaper, the chances that you will run across an advertisement for a vitamin or supplement are pretty high.

Competition is tough.

What was once more of a specialty and niche type of business, the natural products industry is now a mainstream, multi-billion dollar enterprise traded on Wall Street. Our lives are filled with claims of, “Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight by the Weekend!”, “Fight Aging!”, "Burn Fat!", and, "Miracle Cure!"

Despite expensive advertising filled with well-known celebrities, few, if any, of the same companies making these fantastic claims focus on the quality of the products they are selling. They offer words in big bold type like “PURE” and “HIGH POTENCY”, along with a million dollar smile, but can they "put their money where their mouth is”?

When you are in the market for vitamins or supplements, you probably look at the obvious things like milligrams per serving, total servings, and of course price. You might even be thinking, “If the bottle of fish oil says fish oil, it must be fish oil, and aren't all fish oils the same?"

Sound familiar?

With this train of thought being applied to your natural product purchases, you will potentially find bargains.

Have you gotten what you paid for?

Before products make it to the Freshlife shelves, we ask, “Is it PURE?”, and “What is the POTENCY?”

We don’t stop there. We stand behind the QUALITY, INTEGRITY, and the EFFICACY of every product we offer you. What better combination than high quality supplements and the knowledgeable, friendly wellness staff at Freshlife to help you choose the best product for your individual needs?

Choose Freshlife, the region's number one resource for healthy living.

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