Over the past few years good old regular flour has gotten a bad rap. It’s probably because flour from wheat and most other grains contains gluten. Yes, those with gluten sensitivities and allergies need to stay away from gluten based flours, but it appears gluten-free or GF for short is now almost a required symbol on packages for everyone.

Regardless, gluten-containing and gluten-free flours surely make a mess no matter how careful you are but oh the holiday creations you can make! Cookies, breads, crusts for pies, muffins, and so much more...all made with flour.
Flour of course isn’t anything new. According to www.art-and-flour.de, “Even before the wheel was invented, a revolutionary technology had been discovered: the production of flour.” Art and Flour even tell us that without the invention of the grinding stone, we’d have no bread, pasta, cakes, or even pizza!

Ever wonder what the difference is between all the kinds of flours? Here’s a great descriptive list thanks to mobile-cuisine.com:

Flour Variations:

All-Purpose Flour. The biggest difference between flours is the protein content. All-purpose flour has an average protein content, making it versatile for everything from cookies to cakes to roux to bread.

Cake Flour. Cake flour has the lowest protein content of all the flours and it undergoes a unique bleaching process from all the other white flours. It is very soft and fine, a little like powdered sugar.

Pastry Flour. Harder to find than cake flour; as far as protein content goes, it’s somewhere between cake flour and all-purpose flour.
Self-Rising Flour. This is an all-purpose-y flour that has been mixed with salt and baking powder.

Bread flour. Bread flour has the highest protein of all the flours (which allows for a lot of elasticity and rise without collapsing). Don’t use bread flour for quick breads (like banana bread).

Oh, and be careful how much of a mess you make with flour…Flour dust suspended in air is explosive—as is any mixture of a finely powdered flammable substance with air.

Freshlife has several flours for you to choose from including organic varieties and even a gluten-free all-purpose flour for our gluten-sensitive friends.

Freshlife Flours

All Purpose Flour, Organic
Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
Spelt Flour
Sprouted Spelt Flour, Organic
Unbleached Bread Flour
Unbleached Pastry Flour

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