Sweet Sweat

August 9, 2017




Think about the word sweat.

Do images of exercise and exertion come to mind?

Sweat means working.


We believe the word sweat can also be associated with the words relaxation and renewal and these are the results of sweating in the new Freshlife Infrared Sauna. Dawn Cool, Freshlife long term customer and sauna advocate knows this first hand and kindly told us her story.

I have been waiting for an infrared sauna to come to Williamsport for quite some time. I should have known Freshlife would bring this incredibly healthy experience to Williamsport. I can’t say enough good things about Freshlife and the infrared sauna. I have been going three times per week since they started booking appointments. Speaking of booking appointments, let’s talk staff. They are so helpful in booking your appointment, making you feel comfortable, and providing whatever you need. If you haven’t scheduled your appointment because you weren’t sure what to expect, I hope this helps you book that appointment. I am a big fan of the infrared sauna and cannot wait until they bring in chromotherapy! Thank you, Freshlife, for being the leader in wellness in our area!

What is the sauna experience like?

The sauna itself is amazing! The staff gives you two charcoal towels to use in the sauna (to sit on and for under your feet) and to “towel off” when you’re finished. You also get a bottle of water and electrolyte replenisher for when you’re finished. At an additional cost, you can get Pure Sweat (it intensifies the sweat for detoxification) to use. You can plug your phone in to listen to music or podcasts or tune in to radio stations through their system. I like to catch up on some personal development via podcasts while I’m there. You could also choose silence and use the time to meditate or just enjoy quiet “me” time. You have total privacy in the room. You can wear shorts and tees, bathing suits, or whatever you want. I do some gentle stretching in tight areas and also massage problem areas to reduce swelling and pain. Then I just sit back and relax.

How does Dawn feel afterwards?

What I have noticed since going to the sauna? I’m more energized afterwards. It has provided pain relief and reduced swelling in my knee. I am prone to cystic acne which takes months to go away and my skin is clear due to the detoxification process of the sauna. My digestive issues are so much better.

Last minute pointers?

What you should do before you go: drink a lot of water and, if possible, don’t eat 1-2 hours before going. I find I get a better detox (sweat) if I don’t eat prior to going. I also don't use creams or lotions so my pores are more open for the detox process. So, what are you waiting for?

The new Freshlife Far Infrared Sauna is a place for you to relax, to exhale, to clear your mind. A sauna session is a place to heal, a place to reflect, a place to invest in you.

Sure you have questions.  Stop by, or call today to schedule your first sauna experience.

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