weavingWe live in a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) era.  There are DIYers making their own toothpaste and make-up.  There are even DIYers making floating islands and Rolls Royce cars.  What I love about the DIYers I know is their innovation and ability to use their DIY skills to survive in a tough economy.  Using simple and easily found materials, elbow grease and determination, DIYers everywhere are making good products and supporting themselves and their families.


So, too, the artisans of Bolgatanga, Ghana, far away from Facebook and MegaMalls are DIY entreprenuers.  What kind of DIY projects would you think would be popular close to the edge of the Sahara Desert and where would you find a craft store for your supplies? The local women of Bolgatana use locally-grown straw to weave baskets.


Working hard, producing something they can, to support their families.


Fair Trade.


Freshlife has wonderful African Market Baskets for sale - the baskets are all hand made, withlove, to support their lives and those they love.  We have a great new supply of these baskets perfect for your trip to the farmer’s market.  Fill your basket with fresh local supplies, bring them home, prepare a feast for you and/or your friends, and put it all back in the basket and enjoy it outside with Mother Nature.

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