thirstboyIt is important to keep your body hydrated all year round, but even more so during the heat waves of Spring and Summer.  Beginning in May your body begins adapting to summer mode, so now is a good time to be more aware of your fluid intake.  The average adult should drink approximately two liters of water every day.  This can be expressed as eight 8-ounce glasses, or the 8x8 rule.

And the key is to drink good, clean water – not soda, tea, juice, or bottled sports drinks.  Despite how good an iced coffee or a cold brew seems on a summer day, these are diuretics and serve little to no purpose in keeping your actual fluid levels in check. 

If you’re struggling to consume this much water, perhaps try a fruit or vegetable infused water, sans sugar.   A few orange, lemon, or cucumber slices, or a handful of strawberries can add a healthy flavor to your water.

Whether you find yourself more apt to biking, hiking, golf, gardening, or even just being outside more, hydration is key.  Instead of pre-packaged sports beverages boasting a high electrolyte content, try the natural alternative, Ultima.  With no sugar or dyes, loads of vitamins, and antioxidants, it comes in a variety of flavors while also doing well to keep you feeling hydrated and healthy. 

Check out the natural ph-balanced bottled waters and the many flavors of Ultima at Freshlife.


Stay fit! Stay Fresh!

Aaron Fleegle, Freshlife Customer Service Associate

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