mosquitoMosquito season begins slowly in the spring and intensifies as summer hits.  Whether they’re newborn or fresh out of hibernation, these pests will swarm outside and infiltrate your home.  Use a high quality natural bug spray to avoid mosquitoes, especially to keep away those carrying the West Nile or Zika viruses.  Even if you avoid the nasty diseases, their bites create unsightly welts and bumps that itch and burn for days.

Ticks, another group of disease-causing insects, can also transmit Lyme disease with brutal symptoms including joint pain, fever, and fatigue, affecting both humans and their pets.  There are a variety of natural tick repellants, and it is recommended to carry a tick key on your key chain during the summer.  Since ticks can be difficult, and even dangerous to remove, these discrete devices are made specifically to wholly remove the bug in one swift motion.

It’s not that summer  weather is “dangerous,” per say – it’s just there are risk factors associated with the warmer months.  Count on the Freshlife Personal Care Department to offer the best in natural skin-saving products to help keep you safe this summer! 

Stay fit! Stay Fresh!

Aaron Fleegle, Freshlife Customer Service Associate

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